March 2019: Sani Pass South Africa Into The Mountain Kingdom Of Lesotho.

Sani Pass road South Africa
Sani Pass road

Leaving Underberg we started our adventure climbing 2876 meters up into the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. The road connects the KZN town of Underberg with Mokhotlong in Lesotho. The pass was originally a mule track that the Basotho's used extensively as their primary mode of transport. Donkeys are seen all over Lesotho today used as transport by the Basothos. The awe inspiring veiws up and down the pass take your breath away. The journey up and down Sani Pass was an experience in itself. Everyone felt simply stunned by this journey.

highest pub in Africa
Highest pub in Africa

Two border controls later and we reach The highest pub in Africa at Sani Top. The Highest Pub in Africa lives up to its name at 2876 meters above sea level. We were met with a warm welcome and enjoyed a glass of gluhwein. We walked outside onto the deck, completely lost in thought.

Memories made in the Mountains stay in our hearts forever.

Mountain passes and landscapes
Sani Stone lodge

We travelled on a short distance to Sani Stone Lodge which was our base for the week. The rondavels were basic but clean with fresh warm bedding. The meals were good and the staff very accommodating. This is a rural rustic lodge so don't expect five star!

Mountains and valleys
High Mountain passes and lush green valleys

Our trail across the Mountains on our surefooted mounts. took us to the most rural Lesotho village. A contrast of Landscapes and high Mountain passes. No fences or gates, just wide open spaces, riding among colourful flowers and lush green valleys. It smelled divine.

Basotho Mountains
Basotho children welcoming us to their village

Smoke trails rising in the distance as we near our home stay. The Basotho families awaiting our arrival. Time seems to go on here as it has done for centuries. Basotho folk treasure their diverse cultural heritage – and we’re only too happy to share it with visitors.

organic homemade bread
From field to plate. Simply scrumptious.

Tea and fresh homemade bread were waiting for us. Proud and passionate, self sufficient from field to table we were served good wholesome food during our stay. The crops are grown, harvested, ground, prepared and cooked fresh. Cow dung made into blocks and dried in the sun are used to make fires for cooking. Vegetables in abundance and meat is from the families livestock that roam wild and free across the Mountains. Supper was by candle light as they still remain without electricity. This is a true rural Lesotho experience. Riding and living with these humble people.

herds boy cattle Lesotho South Africa shepherd
Helping the herds boy drive the cattle home.

Ride on cowboy. We tacked up our mounts and headed into the Mountains to help the herdsman drive the cattle. goats and sheep home to their kraals where they are kept overnight.

What an experience this was, living the dream of a cowgirl, rounding up the animals that were a little uncooperative! Riding these horses barefoot in the wild, their manes flowing wild and free was an experience I will never forget. The most amazing feeling in the world. Ntate (a sign of respect for a male Basotho) was patiently waiting to count his animals on our return to the homestead.

Lesotho Mountain ride
Leading the way home

Homeward bound deep in thought surrounded by beauty. Rolling Mountains, peace, and tranquility in this beautiful country. Mountains steeped in history, Lesotho hasn't lost its sense of tradition and culture unlike so many other countries.

This is an adventure of a life time. Riding at its best. Memories that will stay forever.

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