Bobby & Tina’s motto whilst in the saddle is: Ride hard, be safe and have fun. 

Bobby Stevenson

A former South African Policeman who served for 18 years.

Bobby was in Specialized Units namely Organized Crime Unit, Drug & Vice Units & Bushmans Nek Stock Theft Unit. His duties at the Stock Theft Unit were chasing stock thieves on horseback and helicopters into Lesotho in order to recover stolen stock from farmers in South Africa.

Bobby has been riding in Lesotho for the past 23 years and knows the terrain and the locals very well and can guarantee the group's safety as long as riders listen to his instructions.  

Bobby is first aid trained.


Tina Ann

Born in the UK and a real country girl at heart. Tina’s love of the great outdoors, wide open spaces and her love of adventure and travel took her to South Africa.

Tina and Bobby met whilst on a safari ride in South Africa and it is there they realized they could make a career together out of their passion with Tina’s marketing background and Bobby’s knowledge of horses, trails, South Africa and his police experience.

Horses and adventure brought them together and they now run their business from their home in Underberg. There is a special magic travelling together on horseback without another soul in sight, leading us to the most beautiful parts of South Africa and its neighbouring countries. 

Lesotho is our playground and horseback riding without boundaries should be on every horse lover's bucket list.        

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